Sunday, 23 October 2011

Meri maa ne pakaye "AALU ANDAY"

Today, I am going to share a very famous dish   "AALU ANDAY"
                     کیونکہ میری ہر بات کے پیچھے میرا تجربہ ہوتا ہے 

This is a very well known and popular dish now-a-days but Aapan,s innovation will make it more popular.
Take a big bowl, take 1kg finely cutted peels of potato in it.Because this is a special dish then we,ill add some special things in this dish like Faisalabadi mud,special water,petrol etc.Add 1liter special water in bowl which is taken from famous Faisalabadi dirty channel(Ganda Nala).Add  50gm  super glue, 1/2 kg varnish , 3-5 cup mobile oil and 1kg plaster of Paris in this mixture.Now burn the stove carefully.Place a steel pot on the flame and pour this mixture in this pot.

Add 1/2kg egg shells in this mixture and move a big spoon in this mixture continuously.Add 5 kg Faisalabadi mud in it.Raise the flame to maximum under the pot.Now add 2kg crushed glass in this mixture and 9-10 rotten eggs in it.

You will feel a sweet pungent rotten egg smell.

Add 1kg diesel in pot carefully.Now add 2tsp brick masaalah,1kg red chilly powder and 2kg black pepper in it.Place lid on the pot and allow it to cook in its own steam for only 1day.If you will cook it for more than 24 hours then it will be over cooked.At the end, add 1 cup of conc.Sulphuric acid,5-6 tsp conc.HCl and 1 cup of nitric acid in this curry.For garnishing sprinkle Failasalabadi mud on dish and place a egg shell at the center and "AALU ANDAY" is ready.

Enjoy this dish and listen the song about my dish...............
.................................Keep asking Aapan ji..............................

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